Volunteer Referral Service - Notes to Registered Organizations

1. Admission Criteria and Application Procedures

1.1 All Government Departments, recognized non-profit or charitable organizations are welcome to get registered with AVS and to use our Volunteer Referral Service to recruit volunteers. Organizations have to renew their registration every two years

1.2  Applicant Organizations should submit the following:

(a) `{`Volunteer Referral Programme - Registered Organization/ Unit Application or Renewal Form`}` (downloadable from www.avs.org.hk/download/cat/52 or submitted with required information via our online portal)

(b) Registration and subscription fee: HK$200 (valid for 2 years)

(c) Brief introduction of the organization (or unit), including, if applicable, supporting proof of its status as a tax-exempt charity under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance

1.3 Organization Registration Certificate will be provided to the Registered Organizations (“ROs”) upon approval of their applications

1.4 AVS reserves the right to review and adjust the registration and subscription fee without prior notice

1.5 It is required that different units or sub-units of the organizations register with us as separate entities for better management of service requests and communication


2. Renewal / Re-registration

2.1 ROs should renew the subscription at least 2 months prior to expiry by submitting the completed `{`Volunteer Referral Programme - Registered Organization/ Unit Application or Renewal Form`}` and subscription fee

2.2 Should the subscription period be lapsed for more than 3 months, ROs may need to resubmit the documentary proof mentioned in 1.2(c) above. The registration number will remain unchanged


3. Service Matching and Referral Procedures

3.1 ROs should submit the "Volunteer Request Form" via our online portal, by fax or by post

3.2 The proposed volunteer service should comply with the "Service Referral Criteria". Recruitment of volunteers will only begin after verification of the service details and volunteer requirements

3.3 AVS’ recruitment of volunteers for any volunteer-involving ROs should not be construed as AVS represents, endorses, or recommends any organizations or their services

3.4 ROs can request a specific individual or team(s) of volunteers with specialized skills, including those under the The Hong Kong Jockey Club Community Project Grant - Volunteer Talent Bank

3.5 Volunteers are recruited from the individual and corporate membership base of AVS’ "Hong Kong Community Volunteers".  AVS does not guarantee that the information, including personal background, skills and experience, provided by the volunteers is true and correct.  ROs should evaluate the need to undertake further assessment or verification procedures to ascertain the suitability of the volunteers

3.6 AVS may assign volunteer leaders to support the liaison and coordination of volunteers in mega volunteer services. For efficiency, ROs can disseminate the service information to volunteers through the AVS leaders

3.7 AVS will promote the volunteer services through different channels.  Fulfillment of the service request is not guaranteed and is dependent upon the number of volunteers enrolling in the service

3.8 Referral letters will be sent to both the ROs and the volunteers enrolled to put them in contact for further discussion of the service details. If necessary, ROs could consider arranging interviews, service training, or briefing sessions for the volunteers

3.9 With respect to the referral service, AVS merely acts as a bridge between the volunteers and the ROs.  Volunteers (including volunteer leaders) do not represent or act on behalf of AVS in any way. The service format and details are subject to negotiation and mutual agreement between the volunteers and the ROs.  ROs should provide clear service guidelines and supervise the volunteers’ performance of service

3.10 If the activity is postponed or canceled, ROs should notify the volunteers and AVS as soon as possible to avoid any misunderstanding

3.11 In order to record the volunteer service hours accurately and to enhance the quality of volunteer referral service, ROs should complete and return the record of the volunteers to AVS within 4 weeks after completion of service

3.12 ROs could submit free of charge an unlimited number of volunteer requests within the validity of the two years' subscription period


4. Terms and Conditions of Referral Service

4.1 The services or activities shall:

(a) Not be of commercial or profit-making nature

(b) Not be for political or religious purpose

(c) Involve no reasonably foreseeable risk in either the service itself or the surrounding environment

(d) Comply with the “Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance”, the anti-discrimination ordinances and other relevant legislations

(e) Not subject the volunteers to unfair or exploitative conditions

4.2 ROs should assess the suitability of the volunteers before assigning them to services that may put them in contact with children (under 18 years old) or mentally incapacitated persons

4.3  ROs should ensure that volunteers’ personal information is not released or transferred for purposes not authorized by AVS

4.4 In general, ROs have the responsibility to carry out a risk assessment to ensure that their services do not involve high-risk activities and that there are no reasonably foreseeable major risks in the service venues.  Volunteers should be provided with personal protective equipment as appropriate

4.5 In the event of any complaints against the ROs, AVS will follow up with an inquiry into the matter. If the allegation is substantiated, a warning will be given to the ROs concerned. AVS reserves the right to terminate the subscription of the ROs in the event of serious or repeated violations. All fees paid is non-refundable

4.6 ROs shall indemnify AVS for and against any proceedings, claims, damages, loss or liability of any kind or nature brought by any third party against AVS arising out of or in connection with the ROs’ breach of the terms and conditions set out in this Notes. These obligations do not lapse upon expiry or termination of the subscription

4.7 Unless otherwise specified, AVS will not assume any legal liabilities arising from or related to the Volunteer Referral Service. ROs shall not be entitled to claim any punitive, indirect or consequential losses (including loss of income/ profit) from AVS

4.8  ROs should ensure that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date, and should provide the latest information or notify AVS via the online portal or email should there be any changes


5. Volunteer Recognition

5.1 To recognize the contributions of volunteers to the community, AVS has established a volunteer recognition system consisting of a number of awards. (For details of the volunteer awards and their eligibility criteria, please visit our website). AVS welcomes ROs to nominate outstanding volunteers to receive recognition

5.2 AVS encourages ROs to show appreciation to the volunteers’ contributions, which could be by way of verbal commendation or issuance of certificates of appreciation, if appropriate

5.3 AVS welcomes ROs to acknowledge on their website and other promotional channels AVS’ support.  For the use of our logos, please contact the AVS Volunteer Action Centre (terms of use apply)


6. Volunteer Protection

6.1 AVS has taken out a “Group Personal Accident Insurance” for the volunteers referred by AVS, providing up to HK$200,000 for injuries or deaths during the course of their performance of the volunteer service to which they are referred. ROs are encouraged to provide additional coverage for the volunteers

6.2 If the volunteer service is outside Hong Kong, or if the situation warrants, ROs are advised to purchase travel or other appropriate insurance for the volunteers

6.3 Volunteers should be treated fairly, reasonably, with respect, and be provided with proper protection when they are carrying out the service for the ROs

6.4  For others codes of practice / guidelines in using volunteers, please refer to the Hong Kong Volunteer Charter ( www.avs.org.hk/charter2 )



* Should there be any discrepancies between the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail